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***** Sunset Carpet Cleaners & Services is rated 5.0 out of 5 stars, based on 3 reviews!

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    I always call Sunset Carpet Cleaning when our carpets need to be done. (Typically quarterly). Having 2 small kiddos, a preteen and light colored carpets they get dirty fast! But thanks to Sunset, our carpets always return to the brand new look when we had them installed (almost 5 years ago) Ive been using this company for the last 2 years amd they are amazing. I've also gad them clean antique furniture and they do their job well. Ive added 3 photos of cleanings to see foe your self

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    Love their service, the most friendliest company I've ever come across and family owned :)

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    I have used their services for about a year now, they are inexpensive and they steam mounted equipment. for my daycare and my two dogs is perfect, because it removes all se stains it leaves the carpet looking good and smelling great!